dancingBellydancing is though to be one of the oldest formesellydancing is the western name for the traditional

forms of dancing from the middle east.
Bellydancing is also known as Oriental
dancing or folkdancing.

of dance though it is debated as to when it started.
Some evidence has has Bellydancing dating back between
2000 and 5000 b.c. in the Middle East though some would
say it dates further back to before recorded history.

Bellydancing is known to be native to North Africa,
Asia and the middle East and is belived to be either
a sosial dance although it has also been thought to
have been part of religious customs.

Westerners became aware of Bellydancing through the art
and writing of the orientalist movement during the 18th
and 19th centuries. Through these works of art the people
of the west became fascinated with the romantic and
exotic idea of the east.